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How to Earn FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is an exciting game that allows players to build and manage their own football teams. One crucial aspect of the game is FIFA Points, a virtual currency that can be used to acquire new players, open packs, and enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we will explore various methods to earn FIFA Points and provide tips on efficient point management.

FIFA Points are an in-game currency in FIFA Mobile that can be purchased with real money. They provide players with the ability to acquire top-quality players, unlock special packs, and participate in exclusive events. However, not everyone may be willing or able to spend real money on FIFA Points. Fortunately, the game offers several ways to earn FIFA Points without spending a dime.

Methods to Earn FIFA Points

  1. Completing Daily Activities: FIFA Mobile provides daily activities that offer FIFA Points as rewards. These activities often include completing specific matches, participating in skill games, and achieving certain objectives. By consistently completing these daily activities, players can accumulate FIFA Points over time.
  2. Participating in Live Events: Live events are time-limited challenges that offer various rewards, including FIFA Points. These events test players’ skills and provide an opportunity to earn FIFA Points by successfully completing the given tasks. Keep an eye on the live events section and take advantage of the opportunities available.
  3. Completing Achievements: FIFA Mobile features a wide range of achievements that players can complete to earn FIFA Points. These achievements often involve reaching certain milestones, winning matches, scoring goals, and participating in specific events. By actively pursuing achievements, players can steadily accumulate FIFA Points.
  4. Playing in Leagues: Joining and actively participating in a league can be a lucrative way to earn FIFA Points. Leagues often have their own events and tournaments where players can earn rewards, including FIFA Points. Collaborating with teammates and achieving success in league activities can significantly boost FIFA Point earnings.
  5. Completing Campaigns and Seasons: FIFA Mobile offers engaging campaign and season modes where players can earn FIFA Points by completing matches and objectives. These modes often provide a structured gameplay experience with varying difficulty levels. By progressing through campaigns and seasons, players can earn substantial FIFA Point rewards.
  6. Participating in Tournaments and Vs Attack: FIFA Mobile features competitive modes like tournaments and Vs Attack matches. These modes not only provide thrilling gameplay but also offer FIFA Points as rewards based on performance. Participating actively in these modes and improving your skills can result in consistent FIFA Point earnings.
  7. Watching Ads and Daily Login Rewards: FIFA Mobile includes options to watch ads and receive daily login rewards. While these methods may provide a relatively smaller amount of FIFA Points, they are easy to access and can be a valuable supplement to other earning methods. Make sure to utilize these opportunities regularly.
  8. Purchasing FIFA Points: For players who are willing to invest in their FIFA Mobile experience, purchasing FIFA Points directly from the in-game store is an option. This method provides an instant and substantial boost to your FIFA Points balance, allowing you to acquire top players or participate in exclusive events right away.

 Maximizing FIFA Point Earnings

  1. Prioritizing Daily Activities: Make it a habit to prioritize and complete the daily activities in FIFA Mobile. These activities often provide consistent FIFA Point rewards and can be an essential source of income over time.
  2. Focusing on Live Events: Stay vigilant and participate in live events whenever they are available. These events typically have time-limited opportunities to earn FIFA Points, and being active during these periods can significantly enhance your earnings.
  3. Setting Achievement Goals: Take a proactive approach to completing achievements in FIFA Mobile. Set goals to achieve specific milestones and actively work towards them. By doing so, you can earn FIFA Points while progressing through the game.
  4. Active League Participation: Join a league and actively participate in league activities. Leagues often offer exclusive events and rewards, including FIFA Points. Collaborating with other league members can also provide additional benefits and increase your overall FIFA Point earnings.
  5. Strategizing Campaign and Season Playthroughs: Approach campaigns and seasons strategically. Plan your playthroughs and utilize the energy available efficiently to earn FIFA Points while progressing through the game’s storylines.
  6. Mastering Tournaments and Vs Attack Matches: Improve your skills in tournaments and Vs Attack matches to increase your chances of winning and earning FIFA Points. Practice regularly and learn effective strategies to maximize your earnings from these competitive modes.
  7. Utilizing Ad Opportunities and Daily Login Rewards: Take advantage of the ad opportunities and daily login rewards offered in FIFA Mobile. While they may not provide substantial FIFA Point rewards individually, they can accumulate over time and contribute to your overall earnings.

Tips for Efficient FIFA Points Management

  1. Planning Ahead for Special Events and Promotions: Stay informed about upcoming special events and promotions in FIFA Mobile. Plan your FIFA Point usage accordingly to take full advantage of these limited-time opportunities.
  2. Avoiding Impulsive Spending: FIFA Points can be tempting to spend impulsively, especially when chasing top players or exclusive packs. Practice restraint and avoid impulsive spending to ensure you make the most of your FIFA Point balance.
  3. Utilizing FIFA Point Bundles and Offers: Keep an eye out for FIFA Point bundles and offers that provide additional value for your money. These bundles often offer bonus FIFA Points or exclusive rewards, allowing you to stretch your FIFA Points further.
  4. Trading and Selling Players: Explore the in-game trading and player selling features in FIFA Mobile. By strategically trading and selling players, you can potentially earn FIFA Points and enhance your team simultaneously.

Earning FIFA Points in FIFA Mobile is essential for acquiring top players, unlocking packs, and participating in exclusive events. By following the methods and tips discussed in this article, players can significantly increase their FIFA Point earnings without spending real money. Implement these strategies, plan ahead, and make the most of the opportunities available to enhance your FIFA Mobile experience.


  1. Can FIFA Points be transferred between different accounts? No, FIFA Points are non-transferable and can only be used within the account they were purchased or earned on.
  2. Are FIFA Points available for free in FIFA Mobile? Yes, FIFA Points can be earned for free by completing daily activities, participating in events, achieving milestones, and watching ads.
  3. What is the maximum amount of FIFA Points that can be earned daily? The maximum amount of FIFA Points that can be earned daily varies based on the available activities and events in the game. There is no fixed limit.
  4. Can FIFA Points be used for purposes other than player acquisition and packs? FIFA Points are primarily used for acquiring players, opening packs, and participating in events. They cannot be used for other in-game currencies or purposes.

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